Northpark Mall

The long standing "Options" campaign was actually inspired by a trip to my doctor. I noticed he had a Hawaiian shirt behind his door and I asked why. "To remind me that there are always options" he said. I left the appointment and went straight to a fashion photo shoot for men's fashions for the mall. They had sent over a bunch of very conservative suits and a really hip looking soccer player as a model—and he looked extremely awkward in "banker's attire." I looked over and saw a tan Hawaiian shirt with some of the casual wear. Well, the rest is history.

" 'You can pick your friends. You can pick your clothes. But you can't pick your friends' clothes.' That's why you need a Northpark Gift Certificate." This lively campaign for Gift Certificates successfully drove sales with a big smile.

N-joy browsing through the many options provided to Northpark over the years.  Click here to view broadcast ads.
Credit: Produced by Vidal while co-creative director of Broderick/Bates Advertising.

Metro Jackson CVB

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